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Intensive Renewal Cream

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A broad-spectrum 5-day skin renewal essence cream that is anti-aging, moisturising and brightening to the skin. It is formulated with genetic decoding and cell disruption technology and through the extraction of Magnolia, with strong repair and regeneration abilities to regain skin’s lustre.

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  • A broad-spectrum facial cream to solve all aging problems and repairing aging cells.
  • Strengthens skin’s immunity against environmental damage and prevents rough and peeling skin.
  • Stimulate skin’s regeneration and repair demaged cells for healthy looking skin.
  • Skin tightening to leave skin looking soft and smooth.
  • Moisturises and brightens skin from within, improves dull, waxy and tired-looking face.
  • It is moisturising to provide long-lasting hydration for dry skin and skin exposed to the air-conditioning.
Magnolia Stem Cell
This valuable ingredient is carefully selected and contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties to rejuvenate skin appearances. It has 5 positive effects on the skin - anti-aging, brightening, moisturising, reduces wrinkle and replump.
Pearl Extract
Highly concentrated pearl powder and rich in marine minerals, it has skin brightening effect and helps in nourishing the skin and delaying aging.
Marine Collagen
Collagen forms a protective film on the skin surface to lift and smooth fine lines, and moisturises the skin. It may also promote collagen reproduction to replump and regain skin’s youthfulness.
Natural Humectants
They work like magnets that draw water into the skin, strengthen the skin moisture barrier and retain moisture within the skin to provide long-lasting hydration up to 72 hours.
Jojoba Oil & Hyaluronic Acid
High-performance moisture lock-in effect, it restores and maintains the skin’s hydration state.

Use daily in the morning and evening. Apply a sufficient amount on the palm and massage evenly on the entire face. Using your fingertips, gently massage in an upward movement to blend in the cream.

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