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α Arbutin Brightening Cream

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The brightening cream developed with the new whitening ingredient α-arbutin effectively fights melanin, it is 9 times stronger than other whitening products in the market that contain β-arbutin! It also contains soy peptides, macadamia oil, organic calendula oil and hyaluronic acid, which can simultaneously antioxidize and revitalize the skin, achieving fair, soft and firm skin!

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  • It can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, it can also dilute the melanin that has been produced, improve the dullness of the skin, and make the skin white and bright
  • Effectively prevent the side effects of skin turning dark after cosmetic surgeries (such as laser… etc.)
  • Soften skin and moisturize, prevent skin sensitivity caused by dryness
  • Relieve redness, soothe irritated skin conditions, such as sunburnt and dehydration
  • Seal the nutrients of the ingredients, leaving skin supple, bright, restore the firmness and anti-aging
  • Regular use will maintain the ph value of the skin and restore the health and smoothness of the skin
α Arbutin
Extracted from natural plums. It could destroy melanin and is stable and effective. Can be used during the day, 24 hours constant whitening for translucent skin
Soy Peptide
Stimulate collagen production, strengthen skin's firmness and elasticity
Macadamia Oil
A mild and non-irritating moisturizing lubricant, contain nutrients essential for the formation of the protective layer on the skin
Organic Calendula Oil
Effectively soothes and repairs swollen and sensitive skin
Hyaluronic Acid
Strong water-locking effect, effectively preventing water loss, leaving skin supple, soft, and elastic

Use after the essence, use an appropriate amount, and spread it evenly on the entire face, massage to help absorption.

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