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  • SALE

    Hydrating Radiant Essence

    This hydrating essence is made up of small and easily absorbed molecules. It contains moisture locking ingredients 10 times more than hyaluronic acid, providing the skin with excellent moisturising.
    RM 97.00 – RM 237.00
  • Intensive Renewal Serum

    Contains highly nourishing ingredients and concentrated essence of magnolia, it provides all-rounded effect by penetrating deep into the skin to quickly improve dullness, dryness, dark spots and aging skin.
    RM 498.00
  • SALE

    Centella Revitalizing Supreme Essence

    Rich in centella asiatica extract, oligopeptide-1 repairing factor chamomile and other natural biochemical ingredients, this moisturising essence helps defend skin against environmental damage, prevents premature aging, firms skin for visibly healthy and radiant skin.
    RM 135.00 – RM 319.00
  • NB-1 Revital Anti-Sensitive Hydrating Lotion Extract

    Enriched with a wide range of plant extracts, it is effective in soothing and moisturising the skin. It leaves skin looking soft, supple and healthy.
    RM 290.00
  • NB-1 Revital Brightering Essence

    It has dual-effects where it cleanse and brightens the skin while removing wrinkles and firming the skin. Using an advanced transmission technology, it delivers the whitening essence active ingredients deep into the skin to regain skin’s youthfulness.
    RM 400.00
  • NB-1 Revital Whitening Hydra Essence

    This whitening essence is specially formulated to treat dull-looking skin and pigmentation. Using the advanced biotechnology, it transmits the unique bioactive essence deep into the skin to inhibit melanin and transform your skin into a brighter and translucent complexion.
    RM 330.00
  • NB-1 Revital Pore Refining Repair Essence

    Formulated with NB plant compounds to aid in your pursuit of a more delicate and smooth skin.
    RM 325.00
  • NB Yam Collagen Firming Essence

    Contains marine collagen and Mexican wild yam as its main ingredients, this highly concentrated essence helps in moisturising the skin deeply, improving skin aging symptoms such as roughness and sagging skin. It restores skin’s youthfulness to keep it looking supple, full of resilience.
    RM 576.00
  • Tao Of Beauty Hydro-Refreshing Moist Serum

    A jelly-like gel moisturiser packed with a wide range of natural plant extracts. It is an essential product as the first step to youthful looking skin. It stabilises and soothes the skin, preserving the skin’s resilience. Skin is left feeling moisturised and supple.
    RM 162.00
  • Tao Of Beauty Soothing Serum

    A serum formulated for sensitive skin, it contains a wide range of natural bioactive essences that provide deep hydration to maintain a healthy and glowing skin without worrying about causing irritation to the skin.
    RM 98.00
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